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Update: June 2022

Thank You to Quail Ridge Community Garage Sale Participants!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the May 28th garage sale. And thank you to all the businesses sponsors – Nesters Market, Gulfstream, Public Liquor, Pharmasave, Pita Pit, Xing Yun Asian Restaurant, Kelowna Fruit Stand and Quail’s Corner Store.

We've heard good things from shoppers and some sellers have reported sales in the hundreds of dollars.

Thanks for making this a successful event after a two-year hiatus!

City of Kelowna News

  • In June, Mayor Basran will join Kelowna Talks podcast host Bob Evans for a candid discussion on everything from local issues to his biggest frustrations to his wildest hopes for Kelowna’s future. If you have a question for Mayor Basran, questions can be submitted to: Ask the Mayor A Question (

  • A progress report on the work related to the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan and activities at the Glenmore Landfill, outlining construction projects and a new site redesign has been produced: filestream.ashx (

  • The City of Kelowna must decide in June whether to continue to collect recycling on behalf of Recycle BC or request Recycle BC to take over collection. One issue is the need to reduce contamination levels in recycling collection — Kelowna’s residential blue bin contamination rate is nearly 14 per cent.

  • Reminder: City of Kelowna property taxes are due July 4th.

Avian Influenza Detected in BC

The BC SPCA has confirmed detection of the HPAI influenza, a highly pathogenic avian influenza, in BC.

The SPCA is asking the public to temporarily remove backyard bird feeders and empty bird baths to prevent the spread of the disease. Bird feeders facilitate the spread of the disease by encouraging unnatural congregations of birds and attracting other wildlife including predators and rodents. Fallen seed is also an especially bad source of disease – when birds feed from the ground, they are also exposed to droppings that accumulate below a feeder.

While wild birds (ducks, geese, eagles, hawks, owls etc) play a key role in the spread of HPAI, it can infect and be transmitted to all avian species.

A sick bird with the HPAI influenza will be lethargic, have nasal discharge and excessively watery or swollen eyes and appear very very “fluffed-up”.

Contact the BC SPCA at 1-855-622-7722 for advice about sick birds or for help finding your local wildlife rehabilitation centre. Report sightings of sick or dead wild birds to the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) using their online reporting tool or at 1-800-567-2033. If the report is assessed to require further investigation, a biologist may retrieve the carcass for further testing. Please do not bring deceased birds to a wildlife rehabilitation centre or veterinary clinic as they will not be able to test for the disease.

Local Development

Last month, we introduced Quail’s Corner Store … and forgot to mention that they have an ATM along with coffee, ice cream, sandwiches, household items, frozen meals, groceries and more. Quail’s Corner Store is located at #5 - 3185 Via Centrale.

Elevate Motorsports, selling pre-owned used snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs, is now open at #9 - 2030 Matrix Crescent. Kelowna City Council is reviewing plans for a Self-Storage facility for development at 2015 Matrix Crescent.

Please, lock up, stay safe and keep an eye on our neighbourhood.

Report any suspicious activity to the Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300.


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