Why join the Quail Ridge Residents’ Association (QRRA)? 

Your membership dues of $10 for 2 years helps fund numerous worthy community initiatives such as:

Website - While QRRA volunteer board members manage this website, there are typical hosting and software costs that members' dues cover. 

Waste Management - QRRA outsources and members' dues fund the waste pickup from the various garbage cans in the community.


FireSmart - QRRA supports these important efforts by sitting on the FireSmart Committee and donating monetarily as appropriate.


Evacuation Route Project - QRRA continues to work with the City of Kelowna and Fire Department and support monetarily (as necessary) to improve accessibility. 


Glenmore Fire Hall - QRRA encouraged the Quail Ridge residents to participate in a letter-writing campaign to have the City fully man the fire hall in Glenmore which then could provide better service to our community.

Air Quality - QRRA worked with the City of Kelowna and many the Provincial Ministries to discuss air quality monitoring in Quail Ridge.

Garage Sale - QRRA volunteers promote and organize our an annual garage sale. QRRA members can be included in the advertising flyers and signage that can incur some costs to the Association.


Okanagan Rail Trail - QRRA supports – and has donated to – the Okanagan Rail Trail, a popular trail that borders our community. 

To join or renew, just complete the following information, below. 


Payment is easy.


After submitting the following information, use your Interac e-Transfer service with your financial service provider and add "qrramembership@gmail.com" as a recipient.  (If your service provider requires a name, enter QRRA - no password is required).

Let us know if you are new to join or renewing your existing membership.
Would you consider becoming a director of the QRRA Board? or perhaps a volunteer member of the Quail Ridge Residents' Association? Volunteers play a pivotal role when it comes to organising and hosting QRRA community events.

Membership Application Submitted!