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The QRRA FireSmart Committee works to improve the safety of homeowners and reduce the risk of damage to property from wildfires.  

The Committee's goals for 2024 are:

  • Educate and re-educate members about FireSmart and what homeowners can do to safeguard their homes, and

  • Improve community connections with the Kelowna Fire Department, the Okanagan Golf Course and FireSmart BC and Canada.  

May 4th is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day in Canada. FireSmart Canada and your FireSmart Committee encourage you to take actions that increase your home, neighbourhood and community's resilience to wildfire.   

In fact, the QRRA FireSmart Committee suggests that homeowners set 1 goal for 2024:  

Make your home a home that firefighters can defend during a fire!

Homes that have been “firesmarted” are easier and safer for fire fighters to defend.


The FireSmart Committee suggest that the following 6 key tips are good to keep in mind as you create your plan of attack to firesmart your property.  These recommendations are based on several meetings with the Kelowna Fire Department who came out to help try and assess our community’s fire preparedness. 

1.  Know your home’s ignition zone – this is the area within 30 meters of your home and is made up of three priority areas: The Immediate Zone, Intermediate Zone, and Extended Zone.  Learn more at: The Home Ignition Zone | FireSmart Canada


2.  Assess your property – See:  HIZ-Self-Assessment-8.5x11-WEB.pdf (

3.  Then focus on “firesmarting” the first 5 feet around your home and your home itself – reduce the chance of a burning ember igniting materials close to your home such as your deck, plantings or pine needles in your gutters or yards.  See the suggestions at: The Home Ignition Zone | FireSmart Canada

4.  Consider upgrading your yard waste bin – Homeowners can upgrade to a larger 360L yard waste bin and / or upgrade to 2 yard waste bins for a minimal fee per year.  See: cartchangeform_june2021.pdf (

5.  Review the  Quail Ridge Community Evacuation Plan and build your grab and go bag. (The Quail Ridge Community Evacuation Plan has been filed with the City’s Fire Chief in the City’s Emergency Program documentation).  

6.  Visit FireSmart BC and FireSmart Canada websites for more ideas and information: 

FireSmart BC  and FireSmart Canada 

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