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Quail Ridge is indeed one of the most beautiful parts of the Okanagan Valley in part because of the surrounding forested land. These beautiful forests provide homeowners with stunning views and hiking trails and also present the threat of wildfires. 

The Quail Ridge FireSmart Committee, formed in 2011, works to improve the safety of homeowners and reduce the risk of damage to property from wildfires. The Committee is comprised of Quail Ridge residents and representatives from the Okanagan Golf Club and is part of FireSmart Canada's FireSmart Canada Community Recognition Program.

In 2020, the Quail Ridge Residents’ Association, the FireSmart team and the Okanagan Golf Course worked to develop and finalize the Quail Ridge Community Evacuation Plan.  This Committee worked with the Kelowna Fire Department and the City of Kelowna to develop a formalized evacuation plan for the area.  The Quail Ridge Community Evacuation Plan has been filed with the City’s Fire Chief in the City’s Emergency Program documentation.  

We are proud that Quail Ridge is officially recognized as a FireSmart Community.


FireSmart BC 


FireSmart Canada 

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