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Update: April 2020

Community Safety and Empathy During These Crazy Times

The current COVID-19 health crisis is a changing landscape and during these crazy times, the Board of the QRRA is urging everyone to abide by the self-isolation recommendations.

We have received a few emails from concerned members asking us to remind returning travelers of the need to self-isolated. But determining exactly what self-isolation means for the returning traveler since the Order of the Provincial Health Office (BC) was issued on March 12th has been challenging. At first, returning travelers that were asymptomatic were allowed to leave their homes to undertake essential errands (groceries or medication) and go for walks if social distancing was maintained. Over the past 2 weeks, this has continued to change. Now returning travelers must self-isolate, regardless of whether they are asymptomatic or not, and cannot leave their homes. As of March 25th, self-isolation for people arriving in Canada, by land, sea or air, is mandatory under the Quarantine Act (Canada).


Having said all of this, we empathize – with those members concerned with safety and with all returning travelers. And we are not health care professionals. We have noted that many government websites are still providing somewhat inconsistent recommendations to returning travelers. Governments are taxed and strained to their limits and as such, their website updates appear to be lagging behind the almost daily changes that are being provided by various Government health offices. However, we suggest that the BC Centre for Disease Control's webpage on self-isolation is likely the best source of information.


Given the changing nature of just what self-isolation means - not only for returning travelers but for all of us - we also suggest that everyone continue to watch the news to keep pace with these changes and check back on the BC Centre for Disease Control's webpage from time to time.

For those of us that are returning travelers that are self isolating and need help, email us. We also want to reach out to others those most in need, such as vulnerable seniors and those that are ill or disabled, that are also in self-isolating if they need help obtaining groceries.

For those of us that can take our daily walks, we ask your help. If you can, help us keep our community clean by taking a bag with you on your walk and pick up some litter. Community garbage cans are located around the area. And maintain your social distance!

Finally, we thank your efforts to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and applaud our dedicated health care workers, grocery stores, delivery services and Governments for their support.

We Live in a FireSmart Community

Normally at this time of year, the FireSmart committee is organizing a large FireSmart community clean-up. However, the current public health recommendations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic for the need for social distancing, as well as the City of Kelowna's request to limit all unnecessary visits to the transfer stations and landfill, means a large scale clean-up is not feasible.

But … we all have green bins.

And … there are many FireSmart activities that we can do while we are all self-isolating to help keep our community safe in the event of a wildfire!

The FireSmart committee challenges all of us to keep our green bins full. Rake up those dried leaves, pine cones and pine needles and fill those bins. Take a look at your roof and remove any debris on it and in the gutters. Repair any missing roofing material and consider replacing any wood mulch and dying vegetation that could become fuel in the event of a fire.

And thank you for helping keep our community FireSmart during this current public health crisis.

If you are interested in volunteering for the FireSmart team, please contact Glen Maddess at

Please, For Your Safety, Stay Off Of The Okanagan Golf Course

The Okanagan Golf Course, while being completely sympathetic to all of us that are self-isolating, is asking all of us to keep off of the golf courses. While the club house has been closed, the maintenance crews are busy running a FireSmart clean up, removing dying trees and chipping, to prepare the courses for the season.

The course manager has asked that we stop walking the courses, as well as utilizing the greens for some extra chipping and putting practice, at this time. They recognize just how bored many of us are, but want to move forward with their preparations in anticipation of late spring / early summer opening.

Thank you

Local Businesses' Offerings and Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As you have likely already determined, many businesses are no longer accepting cash during this health care crisis. As well, all restaurants have suspended in store dining.

However, all businesses are striving to continue to serve our community!

A&W - drive-thru is open and take out is available at the front counter. Orders are also available through Uber Eats, Door Dash and Skip the Dishes.

Dairy Queen - the drive- thru is open.

Kaya Sushi - take-out is available.

Gulf Stream Restaurant at the Four Points Hotel- now offering a delivery option to their neighbours and friends at Quail Ridge. They have also launched their Meal on Wheels Menu through Door Dash. The Meals on Wheels programs provides home style pre-prepared meals that are delivered to your door. See attached menus. (As well....don't forget that last month, we told you about their 10% discount for QRRA members).

Download PDF • 61KB

Gulfstream Dinner Menu 03-20
Download PDF • 690KB

Four Points - Gulfstream Easter Menu 202
Download • 141KB

Glenmore Landfill - please limit unneccesary visits to transfer stations and the landfill. These facilities need to be remain open and extra/multiple trips while people are spring cleaning at home can overwhelm and put strain on these very important services. In addition, bird watching activities at the landfill have been suspended.

Kelowna International Airport – the airport is experiencing dramatic declines due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. Volume has dramatically dropped and the capital development plans have been suspended.

Nesters - Nesters asks that if you bring your own bags, you will be asked to pack your groceries yourself. Nesters is not charging for plastic bags. Please note that their warehouse is limiting the amount of goods any store location can order to ensure and spread out availability. Therefore, some items will be in short supply for a while.

Pita Pit - take out is available. Hours: 11 am – 8pm.

Public Liquor - bottle returns are not being accepted at this time.

Quesada - take out is available.

Xing Yun Asian – Call ahead to place your order which can then be picked up at the drive-thru. Xian Yun Asian is also offering a 10% discount! Hours: 11:30 am – 8:30 pm. Closed Sundays.

The FireSmart Clean Up Day, the QRRA / FireSmart Neighbourhood BBQ and QRRA Garage Sale have been postponed.


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