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Meeting Minutes April 5, 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023


a) FireSmart clean up: TBD. Probably Fall 2023. Need to speak with Glen Maddess to set date. Application Date for City of Kelowna assistance through Strong Neighbourhoods opens March 1, 2023. Maybe City will consider waiving the dumping fee. Arlene to circulate City of Kelowna FireSmart notification. Laura will speak with Glen about team member recruitment.

b) Garage Sale 2023 and membership drive: May 27th, 2023. Ads on Castanet and Kijiji. Arlene will post on the website. Costs to photocopy map and coupons $700 approved. Will post these on website too. Coupons will be from local businesses. Will discuss advertisement fees with them. Will ask Golf Course about posting temporary signage. Cost approved $175, plus permit for $75.

c) Stone Aggregate Garbage Cans: QRRA owns the stone aggregate garbage cans and pays for garbage pickup. We could consider posting QRRA name plaques. And will approach City to cover the pick-up costs ($750 per year). Will discuss with Neighbourhood Grant Program. The City already has 4 cans in our area that they service: they could easily add the 5 QRRA garbage cans. David and Alan to follow up on.

d) Other Residents’ Associations: Want to get an up-to-date listing of all the other local Residents’ Associations. Not sure if the City’s website is up to date. Arlene to follow up on this.

e) Bulletin Boards: Discussion around bringing back the old street bulletin boards: The old one on Capistrano was broken. The one on Quail Run tucked behind mail box. Maybe we could put one on Country Club. Newspaper boxes there too. Arlene will take this on.

f) Membership

i) AGM Attendance: AGM attendance was extremely low last October. At a minimum, will add a discussion on the website about what membership means to us. There is a concern that members don’t really understand what membership means for the Association in terms of voting at the AGM. We need to impress on members that our membership (under the Society Act, BC) is different than a Costco or Amazon Prime membership and we need a quorum at the AGM to continue. Laura will do write up.

Date: tentatively early to mid-September before some of our members start to head south for the winter. Because our year-end is September 30th, there are some minor reporting issues with respect to use of interim financial reports. But all agreed that the goal was getting turn out so we had quorum.

Agenda: TBD. Could advertise using banners on the community garbage cans and bulletin boards.

Marketing Four Points Hotel: Given that the Four Points will likely let us use the conference facility free of charge, we should also encourage members to come and enjoy a meal at Gulf Stream prior to the AGM.

ii) Strata membership: Decision: will phase out strata membership. Too complicated to administer.

iii) Business membership: Decision: will not create a special business membership type. Again, too complicated to administer.

iv) Membership 2022 renewals: Done. David and Laura to do a process review over the summer. Somethings work, somethings were cumbersome. Arlene and Alan volunteered to be a fresh set of eyes to help review this cumbersome process.

g) City of Kelowna Policy 305 and Carney Park: Decision: will close this project. The new City Council knows what happened with respect to the swing set for Carney Park. Gord has done everything that can be done. It is in the City’s court now. CLOSED.

h) Transportation strategy: Gudrun had discussed the accident that she got into down at the stop sign just past the turn around last year. We’d all agreed that something needs to be done.

The issue is that under the envisioned federal Gateway Transportation Study brought forward pre-pandemic, the turn around had been put in place because it had been envisioned that it would be the connector to InnovationDdrive (and the current access to Innovation would be closed off).

That earlier study had also envisioned a paved connector to UBCO via the GEID service road – at the time, the QRRA board had put in its thoughts about this with respect to a second access point into the community for first responders in the event of a fire. The study had also considered the extension of Gale Road along side of the electrical station

out onto Pier Mac – a third access point / evacuation route in the event of a fire.

Now, this study along with many other studies has been combined under a provincial transportation study of the entire corridor.

Decision: The changes that are needed involve many different local, provincial, and

federal actors. We will continue discussing what can be done.

i) Website Reorganization: Arlene and Laura will update the website with Alan’s write up. As well, will send out a “mark the date” type email the garage sale.

j) Financial Report & Review: David provided an update on the Rebound program offered by the City of Kelowna. A lot of it was more like a venue for support providers to market their administrative services to non-profits. David will approach the bank to discuss investing the contingency funds at current GIC rates and will let us know.

k) Association Technology Platform / Google Accounts / Google Drive – Discussion deferred.

5. Next meeting: TBD

6. Terminate meeting at: 8:45 PM.


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