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Update: September 2019

Mark Your Calendars

QRRA AGM to be held Monday September 30th, 7:00 PM at the Sheraton Four Points. Details and agenda to follow.

Call for Directors

Interested in volunteering for the QRRA Board? Let us know before September 20th to have your name included on the slate of directors for 2019/2020 at the AGM. Email us to let us know at

Lock Up ... and Report Crime!

Last month, we reported the first report of vandalism – eggs thrown at a car parked outside of a resident's home.

The month of August saw further crime.

On the morning of August 16th, houses on Quail Cresent were burglarized. Apparently the prowlers went through backyards and tried doors to cars and garages. If they gained entry, money was stolen from cars and food and alcohol were stolen from garages. Just down the street, on Quail Place, the driver side window of a pickup was smashed out.

Please lock up. Keep all valuables inside your homes.

And report the crime.

- For emergencies, call 911.- For non-emergencies involving stolen goods worth less than $5000 or property or vehicle vandalism less than $5000, use the online crime reporting web page at For all other vandalism, call 250-762-3300.

Further details on who and how to report crime can be viewed by “clicking” the link on the above mentioned webpage.

Road Sense – All of Us

We have received a variety of emails from motorists, cyclists and pedestrians all asking that everyone work to observe some road sense. Pedestrians and cyclists have complained about motorists ignoring stop signs and not observing pedestrians preparing to cross the road. Motorists have complained about pedestrians not observing drivers while using headphones and just walking into traffic while cyclists have been sighted ignoring stop signs or not using hand signals to indicate turns.

Please, we all need to observe some road sense and stay safe – thank you!

Quail Ridge Awarded Fire Smart Community Designation for 2019

Congratulations to the FireSmart Committee, the Okanagan Golf Course and everyone who participated in this years FireSmart Clean Up. FireSmart BC has renewed the community's FireSmart designation for 2019!

Coyotes on Golf Course

You may not have seen or heard these residents of the golf course. But they are there. Exercise care with your cats and small dogs.

Strong Neighbourhoods Program - Financial Support With Up To $100 To Help Cover Event Expenses!

One of the ways the City of Kelowna's Strong Neighbourhoods program supports neighbours in connecting to each other is through it's Neighbourhood Events program. This program is for residents of Kelowna who want to host a get-together with their neighbours and would like a little help along the way.

Interested? Details and contact information are included in the City's information sheet that is attached.

Download PDF • 946KB

Local Development

New business development for Pier Mac will include showrooms (9 modular homes) for a modular homes manufacturer.


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