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Update: November 2019

SnowBird Safety Tip

With “income tax time” coming up, snow birds are reminded to have someone pick up their mail from their mailboxes (if you have one). Thieves target mailboxes looking for personal information such as T slips and other tax related documentation.

Volunteer for FireSmart

Interested in volunteering for the QRRA FireSmart Committee? Just email Glen Maddess at and find out how you can help.

Residents are reminded to use their green bins to depose of fire prone debris. Please, do not dump this hazardous material on the golf course.

Speeding and Road Safety

We receive many requests from members to approach the City of Kelowna to have traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps, installed to slow speeders along Quail Ridge Blvd.

This option is not possible. Quail Ridge Blvd from the traffic circle to the T-intersection is classified as an arterial road. Past the T-intersection to the end of Quail Ridge Blvd is classified as a major collector. Kelowna Council Policy 300, based on Canadian Design Standards, exclude both of these classifications from traffic calming measures because they are considered having high volumes of traffic and are used by transit.

Residents are encouraged to report speeders to the RCMP at 250.762.3300.

Snow Season is Coming

In advance of the arrival of snow season, the City of Kelowna is encouraging all residents to try and move their vehicles off of the roads when the snow fall hits to help plows clear snow from curb to curb safely and quickly. Residents and business owners are reminded that they are responsible for clearing the snow off sidewalks adjacent to their property.

Local Development

The Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy is now located at #6 3185 Via Centrale.

The Hampton is scheduled to open on December 8th. As reported in the September 30th minutes from the AGM, Argus Properties Ltd has extended an invitation to all residents to the Hampton Inn's grand opening celebration scheduled for December 11th. As well, Argus invites all residents to its Innkeeper's Gala on November 16th at the Eldorado Hotel to celebrate Argus hitting the million dollar mark in terms of donations to Kelowna General Hospital.

The Canco gas bar and convenience store opened on October 25th. Propane is available. The car wash and vacuums will open soon. Canco offers a loyalty card that provides a 2 cent/litre reduction and a 2% cashback on some purchases.

Opening soon: Pita Pit (part of the Canco building), A&W (December) and Subway (January 2020).


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