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Update: May 2022

May 28th - QRRA Garage Sale

Clean out your closets. Dig through your garage.

Look through those boxes that you haven’t opened for years.

And participate in the garage sale!

The 2022 QRRA garage sale will run from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm on May 28th.

QRRA will be creating a map of participating houses so that shoppers know how to find you! If you wish to have your residence noted on the map, send an email to with your full address including postal code.

May 9th to 13th - City of Kelowna FireSmart Pilot Program

The City of Kelowna has created a new chipping program to assist homeowners reduce the risk of wildfire impacts on their property and make our community safer. The City has hired a contractor to, over a three-month period, to do curbside pickup of homeowners FireSmart material.

Quail Ridge’s designated pick up will take place between May 9th and 13th.

Important: The material designated under this pilot program is only for cedar hedges, juniper shrubs and conifer prunings, without roots attached. Material must be free of dirt, gravel and non-plant material (such as twine or plastic), placed with cut ends facing one direction and, only include acceptable coniferous vegetation. No deciduous broad leaf plants, grasses and small plants will be picked up. As well pine needles will not be picked up. This exempt material should be placed in your green bin for pickup.

For more information, see:

May 6th to 9th - Help Princeton’s to be Crowned This Year’s Kraft Hockeyville Winner!

Over the past 15 years, Kraft Hockeyville has helped to upgrade arenas from coast to coast. This year, the City of Princeton is one of four communities that has made it into the final round of competition.

Top prize is $250,000 in arena upgrades and an NHL® pre-season game.

While all three runners-up will receive $25,000 for arena upgrades, $250,000 would go a long way to helping Princeton rebuild after last year’s devastating floods.

Mark your calendar…voting takes place between May 6th to 9th.

To cast your vote, you will need to register at:

May 1st to May 7th - Emergency Preparedness Week

This week is Emergency Preparedness Week in the Central Okanagan. And it is the perfect time to review your family’s emergency preparedness by reviewing your emergency plan and inspecting your grab and go kits, replacing any outdated food, prescriptions, water and other items. See:

As well, on May 4th, there will be a test of the National Alert Ready system. During this test, people will hear or see an alert message on radio, television and compatible wireless devices.

The Regional District encourages residents to subscribe to receive email notifications in the event there is an emergency in our area. See:

Kelowna’s First Community Safety Plan Approved

City Council has approved Kelowna’s first Community Safety Plan. The Community Safety Plan is a five-year plan to reduce risk, vulnerability and harm in our community and focuses on:

- Crime prevention, intervention and a sense of safety

- Domestic violence

- Housing and homelessness

- Mental health and problematic substance use

- Racism and discrimination

A Stewardship Team, including leaders from government, non-government organizations and the community, will be recruited and established to champion the CSP’s implementation.

To read the Community Safety Plan or to learn more, see:

July 9th and 10th - The Snowbirds Are Coming!

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are coming to Kelowna to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kelowna International Airport!

On July 9th and 10th, the Snowbirds will perform over Okanagan Lake. The Airport is trying to arrange for a public ground display as well.

Kelowna is Part of New Clinical Research to Help Advance the Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease, as many of us have experienced, is a devastating disease that impacts individuals, their families, caregivers, employers, service providers etc. Alzheimer's disease targets the brain and can affect memory, thinking, judgement, and behavior. Symptoms eventually grow severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.

Kelowna is one of many North American cities participating in clinical studies that are being conducted by Casava Sciences into the effectiveness of a new oral drug can help slow the progression of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Full information on the safety of the clinical trials, as well as the criteria to volunteer to participate, can be found at:

Pool and Hot Tub Drainage

The City of Kelowna is reminding pool and hot tub owners that when draining pools or hot tubs, owners must:

- Drain to a dry area on their property over a long period of time, ensuring water stays on the property

- Discharge the water at a low flow rate

- Do not drain water if it starts raining or the ground becomes saturated

- Test pool water to ensure that no chlorine remains. If chlorine is still present, dechlorinate before draining into the storm sewer system

- Drain saltwater pools into the sanitary sewer system.

The goal is to drain water carefully to ensure adjacent land is not impacted by erosion damage.

Residents who are unsure about proper drainage are encouraged to contact the City's Water Quality department at 250-469-8887 before draining their pool or hot tub. Improper discharge of contaminated water can result in a fine of up to $2,000.

For more information, see:

Local Development

The Province has announced they will provide $3 million toward the Kelowna Airport YMCA Child Care facility from the ChildCare BC New Spaces Fund. The City of Kelowna, Kelowna International Airport (YLW), KF Aerospace and the YMCA are partnering to provide this child care facility on the YLW campus. The Kelowna Airport YMCA Child Care facility will provide 86 spaces: 12 infant-toddler spaces, 50 space for children 2.5 years to kindergarten age and 24 school age spaces.

The City of Kelowna is reviewing an updated development permit application from Argus Properties for a third hotel in our area. Argus has modified its previous application from a 160-room hotel to a 200-room hotel. An updated proposal from Northland Properties for a Sandman Hotel is also still on the books and another hotel on land currently used for short-term parking at the airport is in the planning stages.

On March 31, the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) approved the City’s application to exclude a 16.2-hectare parcel at 4690 Highway 97 from the Agriculture Land Reserve to expand the existing transit facility on Hardy Road. The current facility is past its capacity and a new transit yard location is necessary to meet community needs and the forecasted growth in regional transit services.

Please, lock up, stay safe and keep an eye on our neighbourhood.

Report any suspicious activity to the Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300.


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