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Update: March 2020

What Do You Want to Learn About at our Next AGM?

Our AGMs, held annually in the Fall, are a great place to learn about the issues affecting our community and for you the member, to have input into the Association's activities. In advance of our next AGM, we'd like to hear from you about what you like to discuss and / or learn about. What issues are top of mind for you and our neighbourhood?

Send us your ideas so we can start compiling topics that are of interest TO YOU. Email us at:

Quail Ridge FireSmart Needs You!

Interested in volunteering? The Quail Ridge FireSmart Committee needs your help!

As we have all seen, wildfires such as the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016, are a real danger to human life and property. The Quail Ridge FireSmart team works to reduce the risk that wildfires pose to our area, by educating homeowners, advocacy efforts (legislation, planning, development consideration), inter-agency cooperation with other FireSmart groups throughout Canada .... and …. working with the Okanagan Golf Course to reduce amount of vegetation that could fuel a fire (vegetation management).

If you are interested in helping this team to continue protecting our neighbourhood, please contact Glen Maddess at

Thank you!

Membership Drive

This Spring, the Association is working to increase membership by conducting a mail campaign of new membership postcards to all residents in Quail Ridge. Help us increase our membership. Let your neighbours know why you belong to the Quail Ridge Residents' Association and the value you receive for a mere $5 a year. The Association is a great way to learn about issues affecting all of us, meet people and work to keep Quail Ridge a safe and desirable place to live.


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