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Update: April 2021

QRRA Garage Sale and FireSmart Cleanup Delayed

The QRRA Garage Sale and FireSmart Cleanup Day will not be held this spring. Like last year, running either of these large events will not be feasible given COVID restrictions. We will advise if either event can be run this Fall.

RDCO Community Clean-Up Month

April is Community Clean-Up Month. While this year’s clean up month is impacted by COVID restrictions, the Regional District of the Central Okanagan’s Waste Reduction Office is supporting community clean-up by:

- Supporting public health guidelines by encouraging working in small family bubbles, wearing masks and social distancing,

- Supplying clear up gear such as gloves, bags and garbage pickers where available, and

- Arranging to have collected waste picked up.

If you would like to arrange your own family-friendly, socially distanced Community Clean-Up event, contact the Regional Waste Reduction Office by emailing or call 250-469-6250.

Please Help Keep Our Community Clean

For those of us that can take our daily walks, we ask your help. If you can, help us keep our community clean by taking a bag with you on your walk and pick up some litter. In particular, we have had notification of a great deal of broken glass on the roadways. Community garbage cans are located around the area.

As well, dog owners are reminded to pick up after their animals. Feces will attract disease carrying rodents.

We would respectfully ask that all of us work to reduce the likelihood of animals, in particular rodents, from increasing in our neighborhood the City of Kelowna has a good discussion on its website on rodent management:

Warmer Weather means its Tick Season

And while we are out walking, be sure to take precautions to prevent illnesses from tick bites!

When hiking in wooded areas or areas with tall grass, try to stay on cleared trails, use insect repellent and cover up by wearing a hat, long sleeves and tuck your pants into your shoes. Light coloured clothing helps you spot ticks more easily. And don't forget to regularly check your cats and dogs for ticks.

Be FireSmart

March 12th’s fire between Lochrem Road and Highway 97 was too close for comfort to the Fortis station. The grass fire, caused by an abandoned campfire, reminds us all that along with the wonderful sunny days comes drier grass.

Be FireSmart. Rake up those dried leaves, pine cones and pine needles and fill up your green bin. Take a look at your roof and remove any debris on it and in the gutters. Repair any missing roofing material and consider replacing any wood mulch and dying vegetation that could become fuel in the event of a fire.

And thank you to those that alerted the Kelowna Fire Department to attend the fire!

Beware Door-to-Door Scams

A resident has notified us of a disturbing incident with a door-to-door sales person and a request that everyone exercise caution and due diligence with these types of sales people.

An individual, wearing a Go Green Lawn Care Maintenance but using a RK Lawn Care and Home Watch Services vehicle, was going door to door offering lawn aeration services. The resident questioned the sales person and upon further investigation discovered conflicting information about the company. While the City of Kelowna did show that Go Green had purchased a business license in December 2020, the company did not have an online presence under this exact name. RK Lawn Care did not have a business license.

Do your due diligence. Take care and be cautious with door-to-door sale persons. Ask for credentials. Research and do not provide personal information, credit card numbers or any banking information. And lock up – these types could also be scouting out your property for a future break in.

City of Kelowna to Extend Outdoor Patio Program

Council agreed to extend the City’s Temporary Outdoor Patio Program until October 31, 2021. The program allows businesses to expand existing service areas while still complying with provincial health regulations. Businesses that applied under last year’s program will need to reapply for 2021.

Please, lock up, stay safe and keep an eye on our neighbourhood.

Report any suspicious activity to the Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300.


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