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2021 AGM Minutes

Quail Ridge Residents' Association


Thursday October 7, 2021

Call Meeting to Order

Terry Prechel, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Quorum was established – 7 in attendance and 19 by proxy.

1.0 Approval of Agenda

No changes were made to the agenda that was circulated prior to the meeting.

Motion: To approve the Agenda of the Quail Ridge Residents' Association AGM, dated Thursday, October 7, 2021, as circulated. Seconded. Carried.

2. AGM Business

2.1 Minutes of AGM dated October 7, 2020

Motion: To approve the Minutes of the Quail Ridge Residents' Association dated Wednesday, October 7, 2020 as circulated. Seconded. Carried.

2.2 Directors’ Report

Terry thanked everyone for attending the virtual meeting. Terry spoke about last year’s empty AGM at the Four Points and the desire to have in-person membership events, like the AGM, again. With Covid still lingering, QRRA determined it was in the interest of public safety to cancel the Community Garage Sale and FireSmart Clean up events this year. We look forward to both of these events coming back to the community in 2022.

Terry gave a brief recap of the events that took place over the past year, thanking members who assisted in keeping the community smart and clean. Terry thanked 2 of our directors who left last year – Tanis Reid and Maryse Harvey – for all their hard work. Terry reiterated the fact that we are looking for more interested persons who may wish to assist the QRRA exec committee.

Issues like theft, coyote encounters and the threat from the fire incident last spring at the base of Lochrem Road were also discussed. Terry thanked the FireSmart team and the Okanagan Golf Course for all their efforts to keep the community safe from fire. Terry noted the work of Laura Peacock on the Quail Ridge Evacuation Plan, which is available on the Association’s website. The plan is in place should the community require additional exit points in case of an emergency or interface fire.

Terry and Gord discussed all of the exciting changes taking place in our neighbourhood: UBCO is developing the “Innovation Project” that will be a collaborative research space on Innovation Drive. YLW implemented an app-based contactless parking payment option. Pier Mac will be decommissioning their gravel pit in 2022. Finning International has secured a lot in the Airport Business Park as have Trail Appliances, Hexagon Battery and Hydrogen Facility, Harmony Homes, Ace Hardware on Pier Mac. Optic Court has warehouses and offices completed and the new building on matrix is not occupied yet.

2.3 Financial Statements

The Final September 30, 2021 Financial Statements as presented are accepted financial position as of September 30, 2021.

Motion: To approve the Treasurer’s Final Report as prepared by Terry Prechel with total funds as of Sept 30, 2021 equaling $17,199.32 as circulated. Seconded. Carried.

2.4 Slate of Directors for 2021/2022

Terry Prechel expressed appreciation to last year’s directors and thanked everyone who volunteered this year for the 2021 QRRA Board.

Seven Quail Ridge residents (Arlene Marshinew, Laura Peacock, Terry Prechel, Alan Sherbinin, Gordon Walter, Lynn Weger, David Naples) have agreed to be Directors for 2022-2022.

Motion: To approve the Slate of Directors as presented. Seconded. Carried.

3.0 Open Session

Terry Prechel called for additional topics and questions.

a) A question was raised about the maximum number of directors allowable: the maximum is 11 direct. We have 7 right now.

b) A question was raised about membership renewals: The list will be reviewed and members contacted.

4.0 Motion to Adjourn the AGM

Motion: To Adjourn the AGM. Seconded. Carried.

Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.

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