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Meeting Minutes September 25th, 2023

In attendance: David Naples, Laura Peacock, Alan Sherbinin, Jackie Venter, Laura Vigar, Gord Walter, Bruce Warren

Regrets: Arlene Marshinew, Ralph Wegner

1. Elect Directors

The Board voted to elect the following directors in the to the following roles. CARRIED.

(a) President – Laura Peacock

(b) Vice-President – Gord Walter

(c) Secretary – Laura Vigar

(d) Treasurer – David Naples

2. Projects for 2023/24

The Board discussed all of the projects and narrowed down the priorities to:

a) FireSmart Jackie Venter will lead this role. David Naples and Alan Sherbinin will assist. The goal will be to integrate the existing FireSmart team into the QRRA and determine the reporting structure and priorities for this subcommittee. The list of eleven (11) volunteers will be contacted.

b) Backoffice process improvement. Laura Peacock will lead this project. Arlene Marshinew, Bruce Warren and Laura Vigar will assist. QRRA just got set up on Google Drive. Laura Vigar discussed the use of Google Spaces as well. The goal is to review the existing membership sign up / contact management processes to streamline and simplify channel management for a small non-profit. As well, a second goal will be to back up and document all QRRA information.

c) Membership drive. Gord Walter will lead this project. Laura Peacock will assist. The posters used to advertise the AGM generated a lot of interest and a dramatic increase in membership. Gord will investigate the costs of business cards for QRRA (to direct people to the website). Gord will investigate which department at the City should be contacted to discuss using City land near post boxes for community bulletin boards (that also would function to direct people to the website). He will also investigate the costs to build a bulletin board (Second City Signs) and with this information, a grant application can be made for funding. A realtor kit for new homeowners might also be investigated.

d) Communications Policy. Alan Sherbinin will take over communications and lead this project. Laura Peacock will assist. A communications policy will be developed to assist future directors in this role. Laura Vigar suggested development of FAQs that could be posted on the website.

e) Garage Sale 2024 – to be determined in the Spring. Alan Sherbinin will assist.

f) The Pilot Project with the City to redefine relationship and City policy for residents’ associations – to be determined in the Spring. Gord Walter will lead this project. The board will all assist in this big project.

3. Projects Set Aside - The following projects have been set aside:

a) Transportation: At the AGM, the City of Kelowna’s presentation highlighted the big barriers that they faced in our area. There are multiple interests and multiple levels of funding (federal, regional input, provincial) that affect road development. It was decided that these various levels of authority would be incorporated into the FAQs to help direct members to the appropriate authority.

b) Other Residents’ Associations: Working with other Residents’ Associations should be an outcome of the City of Kelowna pilot project in the Spring. Will reassess then.

c) Inviting QRRA members to Board Meetings: The QRRA does not have easy access to public meeting spaces. As such, it was decided that members would not be invited to Directors’ meetings because these are held in a Director’s home. As well, the board does review all requests that come in and acts on those that it can.

d) Snow Routes: It was decided that the QRRA has done as much as it can to help people in the area understand the implications of the City of Kelowna’s designation of Quail Ridge as a snow route.

5. Next meeting: Monday, November 6th.

6. Terminate meeting at: 8:35 PM.


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