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Update: February 2020

Report Suspicious Persons

Further to last few month's report about security issues in the area, members are reminded to report suspicious persons to the RCMP. We have had a report of a suspicious white Ford Transit 250 cargo van cruising around the neighbourhood. The van has no side glass, only rear door glass, and Alberta license plate U36 349.

If you are away for an extended period of time, ask someone to pick up your mail from your mailbox (if you have one). This time of year is “income tax time” and thieves target mailboxes looking for personal information such as T slips etc.

Be vigilant, lock up and report all incidents to the police. See:

Road Safety

The changing weather conditions means extra road hazards – while the roads may look nice and dry, when the temperature drops, they can turn into a sheet of ice. Slow down and test your brakes on the road before venturing out for a drive.

If you have complaints about other drivers, you can report their behavior. DriveSmart BC has a good information on what you need to know in order to make an effective driving complaint to police in BC.


When it snows, please move your vehicles off the road to help the snow plows do their job.

Quail Ridge Boulevard is designated Priority One which means the roads are cleared within 8 hours of snowfall; Capistrano, Quail Run and Country Club are designated Priority Two, which means clearing within 12 hours.


Residents are reminded that under City bylaws, they are responsible for clearing snow from their driveways and the sidewalk fronting their property within 24 hours of snowfall. The City asks that residents not shovel snow onto the roadway. As well, the Fire Department is asking for residents' help with removing the snow around fire hydrants. Clearing a one-meter radius around fire hydrants saves the Fire Department time locating it during a fire emergency.

Finally, as the snow melts away, report any potholes, cracked pavement or walkway disrepair to City of Kelowna's Public Works Yard. Service requests can be made at: or by phone (250-469-8600). Residents who wish to report potholes or other issues on provincially owned highways (Highway 97 and 33), visit and select the “Report a Highway Problem” option on the left-hand side.

City of Kelowna Calling for Nominations

Help recognize the contributions of Kelowna’s outstanding organizations and individuals by submitting a nomination for a Civic & Community Award. The nomination deadline is Friday, February 14th.

Nominations can be submitted via email to Hard copies can be submitted at City Hall or Parkinson Recreation Centre.

Local Development

Airport Village Self Storage (3525 Kel Mac Court), the Pita Pit (next to the Canco gas station) and a new the Shechuan Chinese restaurant, Xing Yun (next to Starbucks) are all now open. The opening date for the Hampton Inn has been revised and should now be opening around March 1st. As well, the opening date for the A&W has been revised to the around the end of February.


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