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2023 President's Message

2022/23 was a good year for the Quail Ridge Residents’ Association (QRRA).

As President, I would like to thank our board for their efforts. We learned a lot this year and I am excited about the future.

I would like to thank:

- Glen Maddess and his FireSmart team for their many years working to build and instill our community’s FireSmart mindset. The August 18th evacuation, while painful for all of us, was incredibly orderly. Thank you for agreeing to bring this team under the wing of the QRRA in 2022/23. We are looking forward to working with you to better understand the changes to the FireSmart program and how we can continue this important program well into the future

- Alan Sherbinin for his amazing skill at setting up and running our annual Garage Sale. From taking out ads on Castanet and Kijiji to securing support from our local businesses to handing out the maps to people driving into the community, Alan does it all. Thank you, Alan -- our May 27th garage sale was a great success because of you

- David Naples. David has worked to improve our financial position by questioning and restructuring our books to improve our bottom line. Our contingency funds are now invested in low risk GICs and the City of Kelowna has assumed the big expense associated with garbage pick up from the stone aggregate garbage cans. David, thank you for questioning everything

- Arlene Marshinew. Arlene took over monitoring our email in 2022/23, is the wiz behind our website and she worked on developing communication lines with the other residents’ associations in Kelowna. Arlene is currently working on bringing back the old street bulletin boards on Capistrano Drive and Quail Run. Thanks Arlene!

- Gord Walter. A huge thanks goes out to you, Gord. Gord has worked to build community relations with the various businesses in the Airport Business Village, as well as attending many City of Kelowna Council meetings. Indeed, Gord’s efforts helped to define the new project that I am excited share with you.

In 2023/24, the QRRA has volunteered to work with the Strong Neighbourhoods program on a new pilot program to improve interactions with the City of Kelowna.

Background of the Pilot Program

Coming out of the pandemic, 2021/22 had been a difficult year. Many members had moved away during the pandemic and people were wary of our traditional in-person community events. As well, the City of Kelowna’s responses and support changed during this time. As such, the board spent a lot of time just trying to understand these changes and re-think its role and purpose in 2022/23. Part of this process included working with the Strong Neighbourhoods program to help it and the City of Kelowna gain a better understanding of the issues facing residents’ associations.

It was during this project that we discovered the City was not following its own Policy 305 around the role and purpose of residents’ associations.

Because of this discovery, the Strong Neighbourhoods program has developed a solution. On July 24th, the City of Kelowna approved moving forward with a new pilot program aimed at redefining a new policy with the goal of improving interactions between residents’ associations and the City of Kelowna.

Looking Forward

2023/24 should be a great year. Rebuilding and redefining our relationship with the City of Kelowna, as well as redefining how our FireSmart program will work, should yield significant benefits for the community.

I’d like to close by also thanking you, our members. Your continued support of the Quail Ridge Residents’ Association helps keep our community safe.

Thank you!

Laura Peacock


07-24-2023 Presentation - Building Strong Neighbourhoods
Download PDF • 2.09MB


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